My ORDINARY vol.1 〜Warm Winter Night in Fuse〜


It’s 9 pm and there are no more guests waiting to check in.

After working all day long, I leave the reception and usually turn right on my way home. But today, I turn left instead. 10 meters ahead, I can see a small bar with a red lantern hanging in front of it, a store called “Choinomi”.


The energetic voice of Koutarou-san welcomes me into the restaurant.

I don’t really remember when Koutarou-san and I started getting close and chatting frequently, but he always casually asked me “You probably haven’t had dinner yet, have you? I can prepare something for you”. It turned into an ORDINARY scene of my SEKAI HOTEL life. Tonight, my feet are naturally heading to Choinomi and I am craving for Kotarou-san’s food.

Choinomi is a small bar with just 8 counter seats. Naturally, the distance between the customers is really small as well.I would not call it cramped, but rather a place where I feel a cozy sense of unity sitting among Mr. Koutarou with his unique character and his many friendly regulars.

Today’s menu includes:

– Deep fries,

– Potato salad, and

– Large servings of steamed rice

Koutarou-san always tells me to eat well otherwise “you won’t have any energy!!”. It always reminds me of the cafeteria ladies from my school days. Both care for me so much and warm my heart always.

While I’m enjoying my food, I can hear Koutarou-san and his regulars have deep conversations, something you usually wouldn’t hear in a regular restaurant, but can hear in this small and intimate Izakaya.

I was dreaming of this. I was dreaming of becoming a regular at a local Izakaya-bar and having casual chats with people I’ve met for the first time. The fact that I found such a place in my twenties makes me happy and a little proud.

Even though I have met some of the customers for the first time today, by the time I leave, we’ve already become very close. Leaving the restaurant behind me, I can hear the owner’s voice telling me to “Come back soon!”.

Choinomi has become an important part of my life. I think a lot about how incredibly blessed my life has been while walking through the quiet and dark shopping street on my way home.

This is My ORDINARY.


Written by Kota Kobayashi