A new accommodation option in Osaka! The city-wide hotel ‘SEKAI HOTEL Fuse’

What is a City-wide Hotel?

Also known as a “distributed hotel” or “whole town hotel,” this type of hotel is popular abroad, with Italy’s Albergo Diffuso being a famous example. SEKAI HOTEL, which is a Machigoto Hotel®, also belongs to this category.

Rooms are dispersed throughout the town

In a typical hotel or inn, all the rooms are located within one large building. After checking in, you’re usually directed, “Your room is on the 6th floor, please use that elevator over there,” right?

On the other hand, in a Machigoto Hotel, the rooms are scattered throughout the town, so after checking in, you step outside the front desk facility and walk through the town to your room.

At SEKAI HOTEL Fuse, the rooms are dispersed along a shopping street, so when you step out of your room, you’re already in the shopping street.

Walking through the shopping street, which serves as the hotel’s corridor, to your room is an experience unique to Machigoto Hotels.

Additionally, designs of rooms are capitalized on the local area’s characteristics.

Inspired by Fuse, a town known for its merchants and numerous small factories, the guest room design at SEKAI HOTEL Fuse is themed as a ‘stayable small factory’.

Dinner venues are popular eateries

There’s a special feeling when enjoying local cuisine leisurely in your room at places like hot spring inns. And many look forward to the buffet-style dinners at hotels, right?

However, every town has its renowned local restaurants. At our city-wide hotel, unlike searching for a place based on guidebooks, you can enjoy dinner at eateries highly recommended by our staff.

For those visiting from afar, dinner might be the best time to experience the local flavors of the region.

It’s not just the ingredients and cooking methods that are special, but also the communication with the service staff and the bustling atmosphere of the local regulars—all unique experiences you can only savor while traveling. Please come and enjoy these moments that are more than just delicious.

The public bath is a traditional “Sento”

Many people have high expectations for the public baths at their accommodations. In our city-wide hotels, the public baths are often traditional sento frequented by locals.

Showa retro is currently a popular trend, and in the increasingly rare sento facilities, you can fully immerse yourself in this nostalgic atmosphere.

It’s heartwarming to see familiar locals chatting away. Officially called ‘public baths’, sento are meant to be ‘baths for everyone in the community’. By visiting, you become an honored member of the town.

For guests staying at SEKAI HOTEL Fuse, we offer a complimentary loan of original buckets (limited quantity). Using this bucket at the sento increases the chances of someone asking if you’re staying at SEKAI HOTEL.

Breakfast at a bustling café frequented by regulars

The morning service at the coffee shop is an essential daily routine for the merchants of Fuse. There’s the old man who savors his coffee with a newspaper in hand, and the ladies who gather to enjoy a chat and the morning offerings, each finding a familiar place of respite.

The menu offers delights such as mixed sandwiches, ham and cheese toast, and hot dogs to enjoy.

Touching the daily life of the travel destination

Perhaps the greatest charm of a city-wide hotel is the opportunity to experience the daily life of the locals.

“Dive into the everyday life of your travel destination.”

We want you to savor the value of ‘ORDINARY = daily life’ even more. At SEKAI HOTEL, we aim to deliver this message to as many people as possible.

At SEKAI HOTEL Fuse, we issue a ‘SEKAI PASS’ to our staying guests. Presenting this pass can get you extras at shops in the shopping street, and just walking around the shopping street with it hanging around your neck will make the locals recognize you as a ‘SEKAI HOTEL Guest = someone who’s visiting their town for the first time’ and kindly greet you.

Someone’s ordinary is your extraordinary

Until now, diving into the daily life of a travel destination and becoming friends with the locals has been a somewhat difficult choice to make.

It might have been a special travel experience sought after by individual backpackers rather than families or groups of friends.

To find delicious eateries or learn about the culture and customs in an unfamiliar land, you have to ask the locals, which can be quite daunting.

However, the emergence of city-wide hotels has made this a much more accessible travel experience. With hotel staff acting as intermediaries between travelers and locals, they serve as guides to help you dive into the everyday life of the destination.

It’s a new travel option that differs from resort or hot spring trips, one that involves ‘diving into the daily life of the destination’.

Making the travel destination your second hometown

What’s your fondest memory of traveling?

While there are many, such as delicious food or breathtaking views, many people cherish ‘becoming friends with someone they met on their journey’.

Visiting a city-wide hotel increases the number of ‘people you want to meet again’. A place you’ve visited once may become a place you long to return to.

Guests who have stayed at SEKAI HOTEL Fuse often share stories like, ‘A regular at the restaurant treated me to a drink’ or ‘When I asked for directions, passersby joined in the conversation’, encounters that truly reflect the generous and friendly nature of Osakans.

In summary

City-wide hotels cherish the authenticity of the region.

Instead of constructing new buildings, we renovate and repurpose buildings rich in history, and instead of developing new services or products, we utilize what’s local.

Many locals might say ‘there’s nothing here’, but that’s not true. The ordinary life of the locals is gradually becoming a special extraordinary for someone far away, as SEKAI HOTEL believes.

Tourism that evokes mass production and consumption, constantly creating and using up new things, is not our focus. Instead, the authentic history of the region fits perfectly with a sustainable society for the future.

If city-wide hotels spread not just in Japan but around the world, the options for tourism will surely increase.

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