My ORDINARY vol.3 ~Getting Away from Work with Takoyaki~


It is getting a little busy when Fuse – 15 min away from the heart of Osaka – is in the dark after a few hours of sunset.

Mothers who are looking for ingredients for dinner, students on their bicycles who go to tutoring school, a guy from working at a Japanese Izakaya bar who is about to open his shop, business men who just finished work, etc. keep flooding into Fuse’s shopping street.

I can never decide what to eat for dinner after finishing my shift. Today, after a few thoughts, I decide to get something warm because it’s freezing cold. And one idea comes to mind “Let’s get Takoyaki”.

Maruko-Suisan is my favourite Takoyaki shop in Fuse.  There are more reasons why I choose this shop other than just filling my tummy. Of course, Maruko-Suisan’s Takoyaki are always delicious. But the other reason why I come here is to chat with master Terada-san. When I ask him for advice, he always says exactly what I need.

“Hi! Can I have Karashi-mayo Takoyaki?”

After ordering my dinner, I sit on the bench that is lined up in front of the shop. I watch the people who are also sitting here just to chat with Terada-san. It kind of looks like those Japanese snack bars where people just come to talk.

I see a regular customer with canned coffee in his hand. I chat with him and wait for the Takoyaki to be cooked.

“Here you are!”

The Takoyaki are finally done. There are plenty of options for Takoyaki flavour. My favourite one is Karashi-mayo – mustard & mayonnaise. The sweetness of the Takoyaki sauce and mustard matches very well.

Katsuo-bushi – bonito flakes are dancing on the hot Takoyaki balls. They are steaming hot, which is why I split them in the middle with my chopsticks to try to cool them down.

“Itadakimasu” I put one into my mouth. It almost burns my tongue but when it’s cold outside, nothing else can satisfy me like Takoyaki.

“Are you still on your break?” Terada-san asks.

I forgot the time. I could not stop talking to Terada-san and the other regular customers and barely ate my Takoyaki. I immediately close the lid and rush to the SEKAI HOTEL front desk. No one realizes that I am two minutes late.

The time spent here during the twilight is my ORDINARY moment.

Written by Yuki Kume