A Guide to SEKAI HOTEL’s Rooms Vol.1: N5


Emphasizing the area’s history through design is an important aspect of SEKAI HOTEL’s philosophy.

While introducing a modern design, we are aiming to keep the charm of the old house alive. The rooms are designed to bring out the spirit of Fuse, which is why every guest room shows you a different side of the area through its mere location.

This time we are going to introduce a guest room where you can stay with up to 6 people: N5.


One of SEKAI HOTEL’s newest guest rooms, N5 uses original materials of the building in its charming, modern design.

A small alley leading away from the shopping street is where you can find N5.

The first thing that catches the eye when entering the building is the warm wooden staircase with its stylish industrial-design railing made of pipes.

If you climb up the stairs, you’ll get to experience an excitement just like entering your personal secret base as a kid.

The 2nd floor has a completely different feel to the first floor. It presents you with a comfortable and warm bedroom.

The plaster wall and organic curtains make up a space that is perfect for staying with your family or friends.

If you pass the bed space, you enter into a wide living room space.

By using the original building’s beams in the room’s industrial design, everything feels much warmer.

The room also offers a mini kitchen that is perfect for small parties!

Buying Japanese snacks from the shopping street or doing a Takoyaki party with friends sounds like a great idea, don’t you think?

If you open the window that lies between the bed and living space, you’ll get an amazing view over the whole shopping street.

Just so you know, getting a look at the shopping street from this angle, is something that’s not easy to achieve.

You get to glance at the people strolling around the shopping street from up above, as if you’ve become a part of the shopping street yourself.

The History of Higashi Osaka

The region of Fuse lies right in between Osaka City and Higashi Osaka City.

The famous shopping street that stretches from Fuse’s south to its north side is bursting with locals every day.

If you walk away from the shopping street, you’ll realize why Fuse is called “The Town of Manufacturing”. Small factories fill up the streets. Factories like these are the ones supporting Japan’s industry from the shadows.

Did you know that Higashi Osaka is actually home to more than 6300 small factories, making it the area with the highest density of business establishments in Japan?

While most factories focus their production on metal, the craftsmen also utilize their skills to make accessories or make up brushes, things that match the times.

You can feel the high-level skills of the craftsmen and their will to produce only the best quality in every single one of their products.

By the way, at SEKAI HOTEL, the lights, chairs and tables are all produced in collaboration with local manufacturers in Higashi Osaka.

Lights:Seiko SCM

Chairs:Sakato Chair

Tabels:Pallet House Japan


A Word from the Designer

“The craftsmen working at these local factories are so skillful and impressive, but they rarely ever get the spotlight. I think that’s a pity.”

The industrial-style design that was inspired by local factories is a reflection of the designer’s thoughts.

Using materials like steel or corrugated plates, a very Higashi Osaka-like feel of staying the night in a factory comes to life.

Spreading Higashi Osaka’s charms from our guest rooms, we offer a new way of enjoying a hotel stay to our customers. Furthermore, we are letting craftsmen see and feel the value of what they are creating.


SEKAI HOTEL also organizes tours and activities in collaboration with local factories.

If you’re interested and maybe want to stay the night in this beautiful guest room, make sure to check out this link.