The Charm of Japanese Retro: Ikedaya Coffee in Fuse


You visit Osaka and plan to stay at a hotel. Arriving late in the evening, you check in and instantly fall asleep. You wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for new adventures. But then you immediately start wondering what you should have for breakfast in this unknown city. Well, Ikedaya Coffee in Fuse is the perfect solution for you.


Unique, Retro Café

Ikedaya Coffee is just one minute away from SEKAI HOTEL Fuse’s front desk. If you’re searching for the shop, you must however follow a rather unusual route. You have to look for an orange and white shop sign that says Tearoom Kimuraya. You are probably wondering “why does it say Kimuraya instead of Ikedaya?”. The reason for that lies in Ikedaya Coffee’s history, which will be explained in more detail below.

Anyway, once you find the Kimuraya shop sign, you’re all set because you’ve now arrived at Ikedaya Coffee.

The restaurant was built 90 years ago and still rocks the same interior and design today. Once you enter, you’ll see the beautiful retro floor and will immediately feel transported into a different time where everything seems to go by much slower.

Another thing you’ll realize once you enter is that the store is much bigger and wider than you can tell from the outside. The restaurant offers an impressive number of 60 seats on the first floor alone and also has free WiFi set up.

Ikedaya is a great place for breakfast not only in a group, but on your own as well. The store offers a variety of Japanese magazines and mangas at the entrance to read while you’re waiting for your food.

Unique Japanese Sandwiches and Excellent Customer Service

The café offers 17 different kinds of breakfast sets, meaning that there’s something for everyone. Among these 17 variations, the one I would like to recommend the most is the the Mix Sandwich set you can see in the picture below. It comes with a salad, fruits and drinks. You can even refill your coffee for free! This sandwich is THE choice if you want to try a Japanese take on western food.

By the way, SEKAI HOTEL guests can use their SEKAI PASS to receive a 30 yen discount on all the breakfast sets and a 50 yen discount on all the lunch sets.

Not only does Ikedaya offer something for everyone, but if you have an allergy or aren’t good with a certain food, the staff will immediately take care of it. One of the charms of this café is that the staff can respond really flexibly to the customers’ various requests.
What is great about the Mix Sandwich breakfast set I mentioned before is that you can choose between an omelet or a boiled egg as a topping for your sandwich. If you want to try something unique, I would recommend going for the omelet, but both are incredibly delicious.

Pictured above is the version with boiled eggs.
With just one bite of this delicious sandwich, you get to taste the combination of eggs, cucumber and ham at the same time. The perfect balance of flavors.
The fluffy bread with a crispy texture and the creamy eggs combined with the butter spread fills you with happiness right from the start of your day.
This taste is unforgettable and is going to make you want to come back many, many times.


Ikedaya Coffee’s Secret of Success

The delicious omelette and boiled egg that are used as a topping for the sandwiches. The various lunch items that are delivered straight from the kitchen. The free, aromatic coffee and the fluffy bread.

All the items that are sold at Ikedaya are prodeuced by the kitchen staff. Because of that, it’s possible to offer the freshly baked goods and other items, like the coffee, cheaply and deliciously. Ikedaya stands for great taste and low prices.

This is the shopowner, Mr. Ikeda. Mr. Ikeda’s main business is actually neither cooking nor owning a café. He works as a wholesaler of home-roasted coffee beans and bread for coffee shops. To explain how that lead to him owning a shop, let’s go a little bit into the history of Ikedaya.
As shown in the picture in the beginning of this article, the signboard on top of the store has a different name “Kimuraya” written on it. The reason for that is that Ikedaya Coffee was originally a different coffee shop under a completely different name.
Many years ago, Mr. Ikeda was contacted by the former shopowner who was a customer of Mr. Ikeday’s wholesale business. The shopowner said that he would close the store because he was old and wanted to retire. Hearing this, Mr. Ikedaya thought that the city of Fuse could not afford to lose a shop so beloved and needed by the locals. Therefore, he decided to keep the business going with younger people and consequently inherited the store.
While the shop’s name might have changed, the original atmosphere as well as the sign hasn’t and probably never will. Just like the local people’s love for this place.


The Merchant Town: Fuse’s Daily Life

Since back in the days, Fuse has always been a merchant town.
Back then, many merchants started work early in the morning and did not have a lot of time for breakfast in the short time between stocking up their shops and opening. Therefore, they often chose to have a quick and delicious breakfast at Ikedaya.
Because of that, in the past, the coffee shop was crowded with people right after opening.

Nowadays, the number of merchants has been on the decrease, but still, every morning regular customers come here to have breakfast and to just talk about the world. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to experience Fuse’s daily life for yourself.


When staying at SEKAI HOTEL, make sure to come to Ikedaya Coffee for a delicious breakfast, retro atmosphere and the experience of local people’s daily life.


Ikedaya Coffee

 1-20-14,Ajiro,Higashi Osaka,Osaka
Breakfast 7:00~11:30
Lunch 11:30〜21:00(Wednesdays until 17:00)
Irregular holiday

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